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What's That Bug?

By peterspest8324918, Jul 14 2015 02:48PM

A friend text me this pic of a fascinating insect called the Ivory Marked Longhorned Beetle. I love looking up new insects and reading about their interesting lives...not sure if that makes mine, not so interesting... lol. But anyhow, I found some conflicting info but narrowing it down to this insect is active from June to August and the females lay their eggs in cracks of hardwood trees like; oak, ash, hickory, locust, chestnut, maple, elm, birch and cherry. They like dead or the dead parts of declining trees. Its been reported that these beetles could emerge as much as 10 to 40 years later in wood that was used to make furniture or hardwood flooring. They will not bore into finished wood, however, if larvae are present when wood is milled, the metamorphosis period is affected, lengthening the time the beetle remains in the larval stage. Since dead wood is not very nutritious larvae grow very slowly. Common development times are 2 years. They mate with their antennae, which are at least half the length of their body if not more. The adults are attracted to lights at night.

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