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That Stings!

By guest, Apr 28 2015 01:35PM

Bee stings are commonly from the insect feeling threatened or perceived a threat to their nest or hives. Once stung you will immediately feel a sharp, burning pain, rapidly followed by a red welt at the sting site. The small white spot at the center marks the stinger puncture and mostlikely with swell. It is important to immediately clean the area with soap and cold water and apply a cold compress. People should seek out emergency medical assistane if they experience symptoms of an allergic reaction. These signs would most likely be tongue and throat swelling, wheezing, dizziness, shorness of breath or drop in blood pressure. If you know you are allergic to bee stings you should always carry your epinephrine kit at all times and notify anyone who is with you that you have it. A quick tip to cool the pain is to apply toothpaste or baking soda if you are not allergic to the bee sting. Keep a first aid kit in your car or picnic basket with an antihistamine such as Benadryl or Claritin that will help with the itching.

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