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Creeping chills!

By peterspest8324918, Aug 3 2015 03:54PM

Nothing like the chills you get opening up a texted message and seeing this Spider! Actually, walking past this big guy outside might give you more creeping chills. This is a Fishing Spider. A friend sent this to me to see what it was and if it was dangerous. The Fishing spider is similar to the larger wolf spiders in size, shape and coloration. They are called fishing spiders because they have been reported to catch tiny fish and aquatic insects from the water as they walk on the surface. They are mostly found in wooded areas. They hibernate as immature adults under stones or loose bark, in tree cavities and in human-made structures. The females carry the egg cases around in what is called a nursery web and could number 1,000 or more spiderlings. The young spiderlings may be found from July through September. Although a large spider such as this is able to bite humans, it is a shy spider that will run from people. Bites are typically no more sever than a bee or wasp sting. Exceptions do occur in individuals who are sensitive to spider venoms.

Resource; Penn Sate Extension

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